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Your first choice supplier for firewood, kindling and logs for Atherstone, Tamworth, Nuneaton and Warwickshire...

We are suppliers of well seasoned logs for wood burners sourcing wood in a eco friendly way using both my horses (Clydesdales) to extract wood from forest and nature sensitive areas thus causing minimal damage to flora and forna...

Goliath and Jacob - my Clydesdales

All of our firewood is stored, dried and seasoned in barns and aired and stacked to ensure correct seasoning.

We offer FREE DELIVERY to our local area. Please see our Delivery Area page for free delivery areas and coverage

We know you'll be delighted with our firewood, so we've put together some special offers to encourage you to tell your friends, neighbours and relatives about our logs.

To find out how you could save money on your next delivery, visit our Special Offers page.

There are a number of ways you can order your logs - full details are on our How to Order page. If you like, you can even order - and pay for your firewood logs online by visiting our Buy Now page.

    We supply firewood logs in a number of ways including

  • Small Bags
  • Bulk Builders' Bag
  • Tipper Load
  • For full details on pricing, please visit our Buy Now page

Having purchased good quality seasoned wood it is important to store it properly to ensure you get the most out of it. For more details, visit our Storing your Firewood page.

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Storing your Logs

Our firewood logs are delivered to you in prime condition but it's important that you store them correctly to keep them that way. read more...

Special Offers

Our firewood logs are very competitively priced but you can save even more money... read more...

How to Buy

You can buy our firewood logs in a number of ways - either online, over the phone... read more...

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